Introducing TalkCenterAmerica

We flip the script on television, putting the power of content creation into the hands of viewers.

Audiences want to be a part of the program. Be it reporters on assignment, experts from their offices, celebrities from their own homes or viewers – The VCC provides the tools to get these callers on-air through their smartphones and lap-tops, and TalkCenterAmerica creates the original content into which the callers can assimilate themselves.

Stick to Sports

You've heard his voice for years, now see his face as you join him live on air! National Sports radio host Robin Lundberg debuts his new, video-call in talk show Stick to Sports Wednesday night @ 8PM EST on Call in and let him know what you think about what's happening in the sports world!


"We love to talk about celebrities -- their decisions, their fashion, their romances, their artistry. We all have something to say. OMGossip is the only place where you can talk about celebrity hot topics with a mix of celebrities, comics, hosts, bloggers, reality stars, fans, everyday people, & some of today’s biggest stars!" - Jeremy Hassell. OMGOSS!P, TCA's original hit is back from its hiatus during its spin off series on Gossip-Industry Giant

Con Sazon

Join host Arie Rose as she dives into matters that matter on America's only bilingual call-in program. Amor, éxito, familia, la moda, hablamos de todo en el programa creado especialmente para tí.

The Handoff

Welcome to, The Handoff. The world's first Video Caller fantasy football show. Join host Justin Walters as he covers this season's Studs, Slugs, and Steals. Plus, get a head start on next year's team, with a look at some of the best college players entering the draft.

Connecting Artists & Fans Across the Globe!!!! FanJamTV has destroyed all access barriers to your favorite Artist, from the nonexistent replies on social media to the barricades that separate the crowd from the stage. FanJamTV is your VIP ticket to interact with your favorite artist face-to-face as well as an intimate and exclusive live performance.

Every episode welcomes music-lovers across the globe to discover and better get to know a featured Artist of your choice. Our focus is on the music you want to hear and support, not the music we’re compelled to listen to.

Past attempts at music television have failed our generation dramatically… The lack of live exposure throughout the alternative hip-hop & urban culture is the inspiration behind the highlighted genre on this season of FanJamTV.