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It's simple. TV was created by people who liked talking at you. They told you what to wear, how to act, who to date, what to listen to. They liked control. They liked how things were. They feared the inevitability of the future, and the empowerment of the internet.

Think of how foreign a concept it was to actually be on a TV show just 20 years ago. The stars were giants. Not relatable. Too ideal.

Perhaps the powers that be felt the distance. Their answer: reality television. But in actuality, it was as scripted as the earliest sitcoms. What they labeled as reality, they wrote in laboratories. But it was worse this time. They convinced us it was REAL. We wondered why our lives were so different. We felt out of place.

TCA saw this and wanted change. We wanted to put real people on the screen, relatable people, in their own homes on their own phones on their own time. We realized the medium of television was not at fault. It was the content creators. If we could just invent the technology to allow anyone to video call onto our shows, we could knock down the barriers that were erected by the elite a half century ago.

We have been building for the past three years, waiting to unleash our technology at just the right time. A time when almost everyone has a smart phone. A time when almost everyone has an internet connection. The time is now.

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